Local Committees

Below is a listing of the committees within our local.  If you have any questions or comments for the committee, contact the chairperson listed.

Policy Committee
Reviews the Local’s Policies and Constitution and, when necessary, makes recommendations for change to Local Council.
Chairperson: mailto: Craig Findlay

Professional Development Committee
Assists school based Professional Development committees and the District Mentorship program. Facilitates links among schools, regional specialist council programs, U of L and convention board.
Chairperson: Emily Welch

Social Committee
Organizes the June Retirement Banquet, President’s Reception, Spirit of 51 Party and other Local #41 events.
Chairperson:  JJ Ondrus

Communications Committee
Prepares newsletters with input from local members, promotes Education Week and works as a liaison with various media in conjunction with the Local President.
Chairperson:  Cody Garner
Teacher Working Conditions
Studies the collective agreement, gathers input from Local members and proposes amendments – negotiates for such amendments with the Board (through the Local negotiating Sub-committee (NSC)). Also brings forward issues to the Working Conditions Committee (a joint committee of the Board and the Local).
Chairperson: Jamie Lyons (acting chair) 

Political Action Committee
An ad hoc committee of the Executive Committee – engages in political action (forums, etc.) prior to School Board or Provincial elections as well as organizing actions to address political change related to public education.
Chairperson: Craig Findlay

School Board Advisory Committee
Reviews School Board Policies and makes recommendations to the School Board. 
Chairperson: Stephanie Desrochers